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1. Die Grauen Wölfe-Elite
We are the "The Grey Wolves-Elite" (DGW-Elite) is a multi-gaming clan, who tries his place on the World Wide Web to find. So please register and you're there when it says: "Let's get ready to rumble". TS IP:

2. Rangers Battlefield Clan
The Rangers bring a new aspect of clan gaming to the battlefield series. It is more about fun, teamwork, and dedication – winning is just a consistent perk. Are you ready to join the brotherhood? Take a peek at the site, register on our forums, connect

3. Clan iNcorporated
Clan iNcorporated has been together since 2001 playing major PC Games. We currently have two dedicated PC and Xbox360 divisions. Drop by our forums today to sign up!

4. Swords of Villanousity
SoV is a multi-game guild originally founded in Jan 2000. We currently play League of Legends (NA server), Guild Wars 2 (Sea of Sorrows), Rappelz (Fenrir) and Starcraft 2. All applications must be made via the forum.

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